Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Book Review - Deceived by Irene Hannon

I'm taking part in Revell Publishers blog tour for upcoming titles.  The latest pick was a murder mystery.  I usually love a good murder mystery and was keen to try a different author whom I haven't read before.

Irene Hannon opens this book with a great storyline to draw us in.  It is something that I found myself fascinated by - a widowed mother who lost both husband and son in a boating accident several years ago, thinks she sees her son one afternoon on a crowded escalator in a shopping mall.  As a mother, I immediately wanted to read more as it was a fascinating thought and I had no idea where the author would take me with this.  After such an electrifying opening however, I found that it lost some momentum.

"Deceived" is the final novel by Irene Hannon in the private justice series.  Hannon wields her story-telling craft well, however I found the pace somewhat lacklustre at times.  Having been gripped at the beginning with that great feeling that I couldn't wait to read more,  it seemed to loose it's edge of suspense and wasn't quite punchy enough for my liking.  The story unfolds gradually and the whole crux of the suspense is a "why" question and my personal preference for a mystery suspense is a what question, as in "what's going to happen next?"  Sadly, I did find the story somewhat predictable though and wasn't too surprised by anything that happened.  It has an element of romance to it, which again, was fairly predictable.

Having said that, it is well written enough that I kept reading and I would give another book by this author a try.   I might have enjoyed this more if I had read previous books in the Private Justice Series as the characters have previously been developed in prior novels.

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