Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Book Review: You're Loved No Matter What, by Holley Gerth

I'm taking part in Revell Publishers Blog Tour for Holley Gerth's new book and to be honest, when I started this book I thought it was just going to be a re-write of one of her previous books.  The title is certainly enticing.  After all, what woman doesn't want to feel loved, no matter what.  The tagline is "Freeing your Heart from the Need to Be Perfect."  I am definitely not a perfectionist - or so I thought!  From the very beginning though, Holley had me drawn in because I could identify with what she was sharing.  If you've ever felt any guilt about doing or not doing something, about not managing it as well as the rest of the women seem to be doing all around you, then this book is for you.  By striving to always do better, measure up, wondering if we're good enough or could be doing better, Gerth cleverly illustrates how we are always striving for the perfect life.  And frankly, it doesn't exist.  She points us towards grace and acceptance and that in God's eyes we don't need to attempt to be perfect.  He loves us no matter what - as the title suggests.    There are definitely elements of these principles in her other books, however I would still recommend buying and reading this book.  For those readers looking for a more in depth attempt at the freedom to enjoy unconditional love that it illustrates, Gerth has devised a plan of action to follow.  There is room to jot notes and pointed questions to lead thoughts and explore feelings that will illustrate anything that holds you captive.  Well written and I'm sure of great benefit to so many of us still trying our best and feeling like we're not quite managing it.

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