Friday, 27 April 2012


It's Friday again which means we get to write with friends over at the gypsy mama.  Won't you click the link and join us?

Today's prompt is


I need you friend.  I can't do this great big life without you ~ or maybe I could but it would look and feel a lot different.  I love you because you listen, because you understand, because you help me.  You walk this journey with me and you share the load, share the burden, share the joy.  And friend, when you become plural and one becomes two, then three, then a group, the magic begins.  Because we all have different strength - and weakness.  With a hand in yours we can accomplish much.  With a hand in yours I really can become so much more.  I cherish you friend.  You enhance my life with your love, your honesty, your wisdom and counsel.  You speak truth in to my life and friend, even when it could cost you dearly, you do it anyway.  That is the love and strength of community and we work together, love together, live together.  I'm glad we serve a God who understands the harmony of trinity and community and made us to long for this and be fulfilled by this.  "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them" (Matt 18:20) - and don't we all want to spend our time in His presence.  Thank you for community.  It is a rich blessing indeed.

Friday, 20 April 2012


Writing for 5 minutes this morning with Lisa-Jo over at the Gypsy Mama.  Click the button and join us!  Today's prompt is


I find myself doing this journey with other mums who know the pain of a child with cancer.  We talk, we share stories, we pray together, we tell secrets - the ones about crying in the shower, but laughing with our children.  My son and daughter play together and the laughter is the best medicine in the world.  I hear the patter of feet and the giggles from the toddler who is here in this haven, next to the hospital where all the children go for treatment together.  God teaches me much in these days.  Being so far from home for these 2 months and this part of Jasmine's journey doesn't mean isolation and loneliness.  There is a strength in together. And the Big C doesn't mean Cancer,  doesn't even mean Cure, but it means Christ - who is central to all of this great big life and all happening in it.  I am grateful that He is sovereign over all things, and most grateful of all that I'm in this together with Him.  Solo brings one so low - but together is the beautiful harmony of life that God intended for us.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Writing today with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama for 5 unedited and free flowing minutes
This weeks prompt is LIGHT.  Click the button or the link to join us today ~

GO ~

I am in Boston and the city seems filled with light.  His glorious light streams through fragmented clouds and breaks through magnolias.  I am in a foreign land and an alien city and times are stressful.  I am here with my beautiful daughter, my beautiful 5 year old daughter for her to receive treatment for cancer.  I can hardly string the words cancer and 5 year old daughter together - my hands shake as I type it.  I told her that the doctor had to cut some sickness out of her head and now some new doctors have to give her some medicine inside her head that will make sure the sickness doesn't come back.  The medicine is LIGHT.  And the medicine is all a bit like Jesus.  He will fill her head and heart with light, so she need not be afraid.  His light won't hurt her, but will heal her and restore her and renew her.  And where there is light, there is always hope.

May your Easter be blessed and light filled this year.