Friday, 18 January 2013


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker this morning for another 5 minute Friday.  We write unedited for five minutes without worry about whether it's just right, we just write.  Today's prompt is


My friend and I strolled by the sea sipping our coffee.  I remember that day clearly, though it was almost 20 years ago - the sun shone bright, and so was her voice.  Bright, but brittle.  And as the waves rolled in, her story poured out of her somewhat new relationship and a stream of concerns she had.  There wasn't anything particularly wrong and she was struggling to pinpoint what it was about him or the relationship that concerned her.
My friend was stunningly beautiful, both outside and inside but coming from a wounded place, had no idea of that beauty.
I listened a long time to what she said, then quietly said, "well it seems to me, he just doesn't cherish you."
There was a pause, then a sigh, then she responded with humility, "You're right.  You're absolutely right.  Man!  I so want to be cherished!"
Both of us sat quietly thinking about that one.
I'm raising a son and a daughter now and what will I teach them?  I have to teach my daughter that her longing to be cherished comes from a maker who already knows her worth and cherishes and treasures her.  I need to teach her that she's right to want to be cherished, that she's worthy.  Because I think women have the tendency to perhaps feel somehow less worthy when things aren't right in their relationships - that somehow it's down to them and something they did or didn't do, or should or shouldn't do.  It's their fault, while all the time their heart begs, please treasure me, cherish me.
I have to teach her well.
My son - it's tough.  He already says he wants to not grow up.  The weight of responsibility a worthy man carries is huge.  They are really big shoes to step in to.  He will wonder what is the right job, the right school or university, the right town to live, the right choice to make, the right friends to have, the right girl to marry.  And maybe rather than coaching him on making the right choices, I will instead help him focus on becoming the right man.

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