Friday, 7 March 2014


We are joining Lisa-Jo Baker this morning for 5 minutes writing free, unedited, without worry if it's just right - just write!  The prompt today is 

Willing  - GO!

"I will willingly do that for you."  I hear the words strong and clear and want to jump in with both feet and say them. 

But these days I have an already overloaded schedule and I am coming to the realization that to be willing to do something costs me something.  
If I'm willing to do something it is normally at the expense of something else.  

But what I'm also learning is that I need to be discerning between choices then when I pause long enough to really think things through, to really take time to breathe and choose wisely, then my heart follows with a true willingness.

But it takes courage and love to be willing.  Because what's important is the willingness to be brave to accept things, to take the faith filled route, rather than the fear filled one.  And when my stubbornness and fear around change seems too big, the best thing I can remember is that we are not in control.  That the one who knows and is sovereign over all has all the answers and if I am only willing to trust, then my heart can be opened to life, love and adventure of the spirit.  And who wouldn't be willing to live a light filled life?


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