Friday, 20 June 2014


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today to write 5 minutes unedited without worrying whether it's right or not - the joy is just in the writing.  Click the link and join us.

Today's prompt is RELEASE

I don't know when I started to do it.  I would feel the ache in my chest later, in the evening and know I had been doing it.  Holding my breath.  So stressed and anxiety filled to actually have been holding my breath to the point that come bedtime, I could feel the muscles in my chest aching from it.  A trial can come and literally knock you off your feet, knock you off course so far that the feeling of being lost is consuming and it's a long road back.
Pray, pray, pray and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I felt like a shell.  A husk of a person and I didn't know where I'd gone.  And the voices would come saying,  "you're so strong, you're doing amazing." and I'd nod and smile and think that simply is not true.
But keep going my friend, keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep waking up in the morning, keep believing, keep trusting, keep doing the daily grind that has got you so beat that you wonder what the point is.  Keep going, because there's a day coming that is so light and bright that you will wonder at it's magnificence and beauty.  The day when the valley is no more and you're soaring the heady heights and view is beyond anything you can imagine.  The release is exhilarating, the freedom from the grief and burden will renew your mind and spirt like no other thing.  Keep going because your air to breathe deep and long and pure is waiting for you to step in to it's light.  And when you realize it's in your power to surrender yourself to it and believe the release is coming, then you're there and you know you've done it, race well run my friend.

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