Thursday, 25 September 2014


It's Friday - so that means we're linking up with a flash mob of writers over at Kate Motaung's page to write for 5 minutes, unedited without use of the delete button or worry about it being just right.
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So I'm rubbing my eyes and my aching back and I'm wishing that I hadn't just stubbed my toe on the train track that is laid out on your bedroom floor.  I just stepped on another zillion pieces of lego and I'm kicking them out of the way.  I'm trying to extract myself from your bedroom that I came in to read a bedtime story 45 minutes ago and all I really want is to go downstairs and drink hot tea and drink in all the evening quiet.  But instead I'm holding a girl close and whispering what the day tomorrow will bring.  She asks, "what will we do tomorrow?" even though she full knows she's at school all day, then has a dance class that she loves.  Her big brother will swagger his way through the day - being on the cusp of teenage boyhood is no mean feat.  But she'll ask me anyway and brother will listen in.  Just because .... just because she is stretching out those last minutes of being together before the sun goes down on the day.  And I'm there in her room, then in his room to talk about the day and what tomorrow will bring.  Just because the aching back and stubbed toe and hot tea waiting can all wait.  Just because when the smell of sleep on their skin is beckoning and I feel warm breath close on my face, I'm in the glory moments and I stay, I linger, because there's no other place I'd rather be.

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