Friday, 16 January 2015


Hey there,

It's been a while since I jumped on board, but it's Friday so here's my link up with the flash mob of writers who gather weekly and write, without worrying whether it's just right, we just write for five minutes.  This week Kate has prompted us with "Send"

When I send this to you, know that I would rather be knocking on your door.  When I send this to you, know that though the words poured out and flowed through ink to paper, that I would rather have poured out my heart as we poured out the tea.  When I send this to you, know that I thought about you and as my hand ached writing the words - (oh yes, the craft of handwriting makes my hand ache these days as the techno typing world takes over - a hand written letter is a rarity and joy indeed!) - as my hand ached, my heart ached with the not seeing you for all this time.  I will wrap up my news in an envelope and send it to you, and it's written and delivered with love.  But know this - I would rather be sealing myself in an envelope and have the post deliver me to your doorstep, where the tangible real of some moments with some shared life with you, would mean the world to me.

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