Friday, 26 June 2015


Linking up with the Five Minute Friday crew over at Kate's Heading Home page.  Today our prompt is "Dream"

When I embarked on this great big adventure I was full of excitement, anticipation and hope.  I dreamed big!  I hoped for so much.  My vision was beautiful and strong and enticing and I felt all things were possible.  
My great big Canadian has not turned out the way I had hoped or expected. I look all around and I see shards and fragments of all parts of my life.  No area has been left untouched and I have a broken heart and broken dreams.   And now I am captive by fear of falling.

My Darling, 
Yes, you see shards and fragments of all parts of your life scattered around.  I know your heart and all the dreams you hold and held.  When you see brokenness, I see strength and beauty.  I see faith and hope rising.  I see that you are the light now, not the picture perfect vision that you once held.  Do not despair for I will lift you from all these broken pieces and place you in the dream I have planned for you.  You cannot even begin to imagine all that I have in store for you and with you.  You are most precious and beloved and when I work to bring about endings, I have already determined a new beginning.  You might not be ready and sometimes you need to be content to just be.  Because when you are still, that is when you know I am God.  I am sovereign over all the brokenness, but know I can restore, redeem and rebuild and will not leave you here.   

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