Monday, 7 November 2011

Far From Home

It's raining out this morning and I'm gazing out in to the rain and my as my eyes travel, my heart and my mind also travel.  The distant shores of home seem very distant today.  I long to sit at the kitchen tables of home.  The hours of shared conversation and an outpouring of love, over the outpouring of tea.  There is something so comforting about that wan knowing smile of a friend when a problem shared, really does become a problem halved.  And a chocolate biscuit is all the sweeter when hand delivered by that friend with a chuckle... who needs diets?!  The chocolate biscuit reigns supreme at tea and talk time!  So I look through the rain as the steam from the cup cradled in my hands curls around me and I hope those friends are enjoying the hug of a comfy chair and hot tea too.  These friends offer me grace, relief and respite, becoming my shelter from the storms of life.  Today - I wish I was not so far from home.

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