Friday, 25 November 2011


I'm writing along with 5 minute Friday and the Gypsy Mama this morning.  Visit or click the link to join the fun.
Here go my 5 minutes on "Grateful"

I'm grateful for:-

fresh starts
crunching gravel underfoot
lazy afternoons filled with a dad teaching son how to fish
hugs for a teary friend
church family, when blood family is on distant shores
stir up the gift God gives us
grief that is raw and lament for a different looking motherhood
tears unseen
sea, earth and sky on outings with my children
firsts - day of kindergarten
text messages of scripture received at moments in need
honest moments
kisses goodbye
8 year old son saying "you have a point there, mum"
hairdressing "therapy"
reminder of own suffering being miniscule in comparison to many
a million sparkles on the water
hugs from friends
red wine
wisdom and smiles of friends
orange and copper leaves
ecclesiastes 7 - don't look back!
weekend approaching

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