Thursday, 21 June 2012


I'm joining up with the community writing with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday today.

Her prompt is :-


Risk - even typing the word sets a shiver down my spine.  It's a thrill of exhilaration, a rush of adrenalin and a chill of fear.  All wrapped up in to that one word.

There are risks I have looked in the eye these past months.  Risks I have agreed to take, when a daughter most beloved was sick and I had to make choices to see her return to health.  Sometimes running the risk of treatment damaging her as much as the disease she fights so bravely.

I sometimes don't like to hear the risks involved - it means we have to make an informed decision and assess the course to be taken.

But I learn something within these risks.

I am not in control.  There is one who is far greater and all knowing who holds all in the palm of his hand.  And risk doesn't even touch the sides of the great I AM.  I learn to lean a little harder, press a little closer, trust a little more, step in faith for this day prepared for me.  And yes - I will risk it all in this one day, for one day has been given to me.  It has been lovingly set before me and prepared and He beckons and asks me to take a risk and leap in to the living of it, joining Him in this harmonious existence.  Dare I?  Oh yes - risk it all and be fully ALIVE and find JOY today.

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