Friday, 25 May 2012


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Today is the day my daughter rings the bell to signal the end of radiation treatment!
Sunday is the day my daughter will celebrate her 6th Birthday!
That leaves one day in between.  And with an opportunity placed in front of me, what's a girl to do?

"Do it!" said Nancy
"Come home, you need to be home!" said Jenn
"You can have one hard night packing and getting ready or one hard week before you fly home!" said Serenity
"You've killed enough time here.  Do what's best for you! " said Amy
"The benefits are huge, it's worth it, " said Rachel
"It's up to you Babe" said Rick
"In case, I wasn't quite clear, do it!  DO IT!!!" said Nancy again.

So I found myself scurrying round madly last night getting packed to take a flight that leaves for home on Saturday instead of next Thursday.  I have been in Boston for 2 months with both my children whilst Jasmine has been having proton therapy radiation.  And today is her LAST treatment!
Home is on the west coast, so I will grab the opportunity, spend the money, take the earlier flight to leave the east coast and take my baby home in time for her birthday.

What an opportunity!  What a journey!  What a blessing!  I can't wait to be re-united with my husband, my home and my community.  I know the friends I have made here will be life-long friends and I will take every opportunity to see them and keep in touch.  I will pray for each of their families and follow the progress to recovery for all these children.

Thank God for the opportunities He presents us with!  Let's be bold and say yes!

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