Friday, 18 May 2012


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Our prompt today is Perspective

We've been in Boston for almost 2 months now, and Jasmine is approaching the end of her treatment.  We take the opportunity to explore the city when Jasmine's energy allows and last weekend saw some sunshine and good spirits in the children.  On a guided duck tour we learned of a church with stained glass windows by the world famous "Tiffany"
The church we drove past on our tour was an impressive building architecturally, but the windows were boarded up.  Our driver told us it was to protect the glass from outside breakage because of course, it is irreplaceable.
I wanted to visit the church and see the windows but I felt disappointed.  With boarded up windows the colour and design would be difficult to see.
The following day we walked to the area of Boston where the church was located and as it was open, I told the children we would visit.  Expecting a dark, dimly lit church we ventured in.
I opened the door to the interior of the church to a blaze of light, colour and beauty that took my breath away.  I literally gazed round in wonder and awe at the sight before me.

My expectations had been based on the outside condition, not the inside, and isn't that true of our hearts and souls too?  If we are right with God, our facade is not what makes the beauty. The beauty comes from His light, life and vitality that shines forth from within.

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