Friday, 4 May 2012


Writing for 5 minutes with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama today.  Come join us by clicking the link and enjoy 5 unedited minutes of flowing writing.  Today's prompt is


There is power in taking a pause.  That is where it really all happens.  When I stop long enough to slow down, to stop, to observe, to notice - all this beauty and life and vitality that happens around me.  That is when I know what is real.  It is real that I only post 5 minute Fridays right now and they mark a journey for me over the last 2 months.  How the prompts have unravelled this story!  My reality is so very different right now.  It is a portion of my life that will be like no other.  A 2 month slice of real life that I wish looked different.  But I'm grateful I'm here and living it.  I watch my daughter undergoing radiation treatment with other young children.  They gather together in the playroom with shrieks of glee, swapping stories, toys, jokes, laughter over the crayons.  They play music and make crafts.  And we mums - we share stories, tears, laughter, hope, companionship and understanding over coffee in the waiting room.  Waiting for our child's turn for the 15 minutes radiation a day that turns cancer in to cure.  God is thick amongst us - He is real and tangible.  He weeps with us and holds us, and celebrates with us when we ring that victory bell on the last day of treatment.  So you go - kids - go!  Each of you is a real blessing in my life.

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