Friday, 4 April 2014


Joining Lisa-Jo Baker who inspires us weekly with her shared heart and writing.  She challenges us every Friday with a one-word prompt and encourages us to join in writing with her for just 5 minutes.

This week's word is


It's all I wanted to be growing up - Writer - well that and a truck driver!  And I do neither.  I don't call myself a writer because what I am is a doubter.  This blog is where I can try it out.  Where I wish I could wax lyrical and create something beautiful and meaningful, like the other blogs I read, the books, the shared experiences, the stories, oh the stories.  Someone commented this week that I write so beautifully and have followed my blog with Jasmine's story in particular.  Others have also commented and I don't know what to say when someone offers praise.  Thank you and something about how writing helps me, and that's the truth, it does.

So I tentatively step out there and do it, not because I am a writer, but because something burns in me to do this, to create a word where there was a blank space.  And the words carry the weight of my thoughts and feelings and they need to be out there, because if not, my soul is just not right, so I just write.

Without writing about Jasmine's journey, I would have broken completely down.  I had to somehow capture those moments and expel all that was in me, for me, for her, to remember and know how far we've come.  I had to record the gratitude I felt and it was a letter to God every single time, if only I wrote it and He read it, then all was well.

So not for audiences, or swelling ratings, or a high profile writing career (ha!  I can dream!) do I write, but for the soul connection that it brings with glory spilling out for my maker who made me this way.  In the middle of the night, on scraps of paper in the kitchen with spaghetti sauce spilling over, with drops from the bath as the children splash and here in the quiet of morning before the world wakes us with me, it's my time to write and a writer be.

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