Thursday, 26 March 2015


Joining Kate for this week's Five Minute Friday.  The prompt is "Break"

I remember lots of people telling me.  The words would come.  "You really need a break."
I heard "you'll burn yourself out"  "you're doing too much"  "when do you get a break?"
But you see, I had to keep on going.  Because everything around was broken.  There was a time when it all just fell apart.  When life was so fragmented and broken that there seemed no possible way to put it all back together.  And there was no earthly way that it could all go back together, come together and work again.  Break?  It was broken.  All of it.
I didn't have any words to say to those people, who all spoke from a place of love, who could all see that burnout was just a breath away, that wanted to help me, love me, care for me.  I had no words to say and just kept on keeping on.
I'm so grateful that faith is a gift.  That we don't need energy for that.  That all we need to do is open our heart and our hand and receive.  And then the break comes.  Because when everything is broken and your heart rips wide apart.  When you have oozed every last drop of life from your broken body and you can still cling to Him.  That's when you're broken.  And that's when the break comes.  It rises like the sun.  Faith rising and light, hope, courage and strength to keep taking the next step.  And the next one and they tumble into the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months.  And that's the break I take until one day, the broken doesn't feel so broken anymore.

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