Friday, 15 May 2015


Joining Kate Motuang at "Heading Home" for Five Minute Friday, when we write for 5 minutes without worrying whether it's right, we just write.  Join us here :)

If I follow you, it means I have to have a measure of trust.  I have to place faith in that thing unseen.  I have to believe that you have my best interests at heart and will lead me safely through all this messy life.  I've followed before.  I've followed my impulsive nature, my hair-brained idea.  I've followed a man across the world, the latest "can't be missed" tv show and diet fad.  I've followed painstaking progress of loved ones recovering from cancer and I've followed journeys that end with them being called home. 

Following can leave a great big gap in my heart and soul.

So, if I follow you, it means I have to get a bit of my brave on.  I have to walk believing that the path I'm on is prepared by you.  I've learnt that my own nature will trip me up, but it's also the essence of who I am and it's OK.  There's a strength or two I'm building as well as recognizing the weaknesses.  I'm learning that the path I'm on can still be full of twists and turns, can be an uphill gruelling struggle, but the freewheeling downhill is such a blast.  I'll follow with the assurance that you fully know the way, like a weathered and worn map-book and as long as I lift my eyes and follow, I really can't lose my way. 

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