Friday, 13 January 2012


Writing for 5 unedited minutes this morning with The Gypsy Mama on the topic awake.  Click the link or the button in the sidebar to join in.

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My first thought is awake - I'm just not awake properly yet this morning after a disturbed night with small girl.  But then awake starts talking to me and before long it is shouting AWAKE!  I cast my mind back and I'm thinking of a christmas holiday in B.C's Interior.  I had never experienced -40 degree cold before then.  I used to think -2 was cold!  I remember inhaling the crisp air and feeling it cold in my lungs.  It felt as though that cold air was reaching the very depths of both my body and soul.  As I exhaled longing for the warmth of life, I realized I am alive!  And it was like the bold awakening of realizing that every breath I draw brings life.  I looked round at this beautiful creation with new eyes that had been opened and a mind that had been awakened.  Everywhere there were glints of colour throughout the white.  The contrast between blue skies and white mountains, and snow laden trees was so sharp it could pierce me.  The groaning of the thick ice as I would trudge across a frozen lake made me realize that I was alive and all this - all this great big something was awake and joining in the celebration of creation.


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