Wednesday, 4 January 2012

If it ain't broke..... don't fix it

All over the blogosphere I'm reading about people asking God to shake it up a little and "unsettle" them.  It seems they all want their comfort zones challenged and bit of stretching to go on.  I'm all for a bit of spiritual growth, but I just want to shout be careful what you ask for!  If it ain't broke - don't fix it! Really - don't mess with a good thing, just be grateful it's good.  I'm craving stability and to feel settled.  I'm currently running a marathon of being unsettled and this challenge isn't pretty - it's full of stress, anxiety, uncertainty and heartbreak.  Yes, I can choose to trust that God has me, and He knows what's going on, but the battle between rest and respite with the Lord, and gnawing my fingernails and then fingers rages every day.  I may have grown spiritually through the trials, and trusting that God has me where I'm supposed to be is unshaken, but my world shaking round me is not fun.  I'm craving peace, joy, stability and harmony.  I long to bear my trials well, but I'm longing to have gratitude for an easy day instead of finding the gratitude through the hard.  Is it just that we only remember to give thanks and cling on when we're shaken to the core?  I wonder.

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