Friday, 20 January 2012


Today I'm writing with Lisa-Jo at for 5 minutes.  The word today is Vivid

I love the word vivid - because it breathes life.  Vivid can't be dull and forgotten, but begs to bring clarity to memory and vibrancy and life to all.  My children are etched vividly in my mind and I love that the memories of them will burn that brightly forever.  Sometimes vivid memories are not so great, but they too serve a purpose.  They steer me to the path I'm now walking and if I use the vividness of the painful experience, it was not in vain.  God can use all to strengthen, mould and shape.  I need to show up with willingness to learn and keep taking the steps.  Vivid can be present too me as well, not just in my memories.  As I experience the day around me, the colours, smells, textures, words and moments make up a kaleidoscope of grace and beauty.  I write to sometimes capture this, in case I should forget - but with vivid - there is no forgetting!  They bear the hallmark of the sharpest pictures of both pain and joy - the moments when perhaps we feel most keenly alive.

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