Friday, 30 March 2012


Today we're writing with Lisa-Jo over the The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday


How do I look at my daughter's newly diagnosed brain tumour as a gift?  How do I hear the word cancer and attach that to a 5 year old precious girl?  How is that a gift?

Quite simply, I'm coming to understand that God's gifts to us don't always come in a pretty box tied in ribbons, or in the shape or form we ask for.  But maybe it is all an answer to prayers as our whole experience is wrapped in God's love and His gifts.

It is a gift that the whole tumour was removed when the surgeon thought he would only be able to get two thirds of it.  It is a gift how we have been cared for through this whole experience by the staff at the hospital.  It is a gift the way my church family rallied behind us instantly when my blood family were on distant shores.  My daughter is recovering from brain surgery without any of the horrific side effects that the surgeon had said may come - she is walking, she is breathing without difficulties, swallowing without difficulties and she is not mute after this surgery.  I wondered if I would hear my little girl speak again and whether there would be any structure to her sentences, and she sings and plays and speaks every day.  Every day with her in our family is a gift from God, an extra day, a blessing that we didn't think we would have.

The journey now takes us out of our country to travel to Boston, Massachusetts as she needs specialist proton therapy that doesn't exist in Canada.  We  don't have the financial ability to do this.  It is a gift that proton therapy exists and that we minimize the risk of paralysis to her beautiful body by administering radiation this way.  God is so good!  He blesses us beyond anything we could imagine.

This community we live in, our friends, family, church, and even those we don't know are a gift to us from God as with superhuman efforts that only God can ordain have pulled together to help with our fundraising to get us there for the 2 months we'll be there, and help pay for medical costs there.  The speed at which everything fell in to place is a gift - even the hospital staff are marvelling at how quickly its all happening.  Praise God and glorify Him for the miracle unfolding for us.

The Lord gives me his peace, protection and reassurance.  He cares for me and my family.  His sacrifice for me and my sins and His love is the most immense and immeasurable GIFT of all.

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